Lone Star Grain merchandises a wide variety of grains, and provides several marketing options to help our customers reach their set prices.

  • CASH SALE - Sell your grain at current prices.
  • DEFERRED PAYMENT - Sell your grain now and receive your payment later.
  • FORWARD CASH SALE - Sell your grain now for delivery up to 12 months later. Payment is made at time of delivery.
  • TARGET PRICE CONTRACT - Set the price you want for your grain. When and if our posted prices reach your targeted price, your grain is sold.
  • STORAGE - Store your grain with us and sell at a later date. Check with us for details on current storage charges.
  • PRICE LATER CONTRACT - Deliver grain now and set price at a later date.
  • BASIS CONTRACT - This establishes the difference between your cash price and the Chicago futures price, and gives you the option to set cash price at a later date.

On the farm pickup is available. Please contact us to check current freight rates.

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